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FB_TimeLine_EndorsedBand15websiteWe have been recently selected as an “Endorsed Artist” by DirtBag Clothing.

DirtBag Clothing is a San Francisco-based clothing company, founded in 1996. DirtBag manufactures various styles of clothing, including street-wear, punk clothing, urban clothing, hoodies, flex-fits, women’s tee-shirts, baby dolls, and accessories.

In celebration of our new endorsement we want to thank you, our fans by giving you 15% off you online purchase using the code from the coupon to the left. Look for some DirtBag Clothing to appear at our shows in the near future.

Last night at Club Venue in S. Burlington, we opened the show for three very talented bands. We came out and played some of our best cover material for an energetic crowd. Though the time slot was 30 minutes, we gave it our all and the JUSTICE League was there in full support. We paved the way for our new friends in Seldom Told to come out and show VT what they can bring to the table. Very strong performance and very catchy songs. Mira’s vocals were huge and spot on. The entire band was great. Thanks for sporting the JUSTICE tattoo during your performance Mira:)

There is something to be said when you return to the place(s) you once started out and remember all of the good times and people met over the years there. Last night was no exception at Franny O’s. Our first time there in about a year and it was a great turn out from the JUSTICE League and new fans alike.

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Backstage Blast 3-22-14

It had been quite awhile since we played Backstage Bar & Restaurant in Essex, Jct. In fact, November of 2013 was our last time there. We were welcomed to a packed house and a line out the door of over 50 people (sorry for the wait in the cold). It is always a great time playing in Essex, as the fans there really know how to have a good time. In fact many are from Chittenden County, though there was a strong representation from our Franklin County Chapter.

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Happy Birthday Todd!

Happy Birthday to Todd Dunn! We want to wish him the best day and here’s to many more to come.