May 31 * Posted in News

Quarterly News Vol. #5.5


With so much happening in the band and all of the shows coming up ,we decided to do a “Quarterly News” vol. 5.5 for 2012. We have been doing our best to bring you the songs you want to hear, provide you with a show that makes your blood pump, sweat roll, with fists and hair flying in the air. We have added some new songs and some new stage props as well (with more planned soon). We are looking at designing a new stage banner too. If there are any creative people out there that know how to use photoshop well, send us your ideas for a new banner. We’d love to see what you come up with.

We want to extend our thanks to Chris Fleury (Cousin Itt) for helping Mike and us out in times of need. We appreciate and love ya man!


Oct 22 * Posted in News

Quarterly News #4 2011

This is our last installment of the Quarterly News for 2011. Since our last update, many places have been visited and more fans have been added to the ranks of the JUSTICE League. On the heels of our 1 year anniversary, which we will be playing at Backstage on 10/29, we are proud to have played for so many over the past 12 months. Many new friends and fans have been made and we are lucky to have each and every one of you.

Straight from the halls of the chambers where all is JUSTICE and JUSTIFIED, we bring you our second quarter “Quarterly Report”. Man, it seems like it has been forever since one of these has been published. So much has happened since the first quarter, I am not sure  I can remember all of the debauchery and craziness that has happened.