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10321690_803630652993280_8244405512071621396_oOn a cold damp evening in Northern Vermont, Rock and Roll was alive and well at Venue in S. Burlington, VT. Carolina Burn took to the stage at 9PM and laid down a blistering set of hard rocking songs. We got to hang with the guys and they are all top notch and crazy fun (as you can see in the photos).

Nov 03 * Posted in News, Photos

Halloween Massacare at On Tap

1956834_799637886725890_8114694938115610548_oThis Halloween had to be one of the best Halloween shows we have done to date. There were so many great costumes it was hard to judge all of them. As the On Tap staff sifted through all of the decked out patrons they were quickly narrowed down to six. By audience applause a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place was chosen. Madam Maduessa (Jodi Corebett) took first place, followed closely by the S&M clan (Rob Charboneau and Jennifer Masteas).

Nov 02 * Posted in General

Happy Birthday Gary Greeno

We would like to wish Gary Greeno and very Happy Birthday today! He is the heart and soul of our group and has brought a whole new energy level with him. We hope you have a great day Gary.

We rolled into St. Albans last night for the first time in a month of so. Our annual stop at Backstreet Tavern for their Halloween costume bash was yet another hit. So many great costumes and equally great peeps. Lisa sure knows how to throw a bash.

So this one night at our band gig in NY, we ended up playing this bar called Olive Ridley’s in Plattsburgh. We have played there a few times, but never on a Saturday. We understand now that Saturday is the night to go out in P’Burgh. Now it wasn’t packed to the rafters, but we did leave our mark/impression with and on the peeps that were there.