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10547248_10203500658770535_3149516403374357617_oIt has been a wild 2014 so far, and way too long since we have reported any happenings here. So…. kick back, grab a cold one and get ready for some awesome reading. Our 2014 “No Boundaries” tour kicked off at club KARIB in St. Albans in mid January. Sporting a new banner and a few new songs, we opened to a good showing of the JUSTICE League in Franklin County.

Sep 21 * Posted in News, Photos

A Fond Farewell For Todd Dunn

It was with a heavy heart we said farewell to our original lead guitarist last night at Backstage in Essex, VT. Todd Dunn has been with the band since day one, five years ago. His staple checkered shirts, shorts and barefoot playing added to his style and set him apart from the rest. To us, there is no comparison. To those who personally know Todd, you understand the great person he is musically and as a friend. We wish him and his new wife Kelly a long and happy future together.


It was a Chittenden county takeover of the Franklin county night Club KARIB last night. It was great to see so many of our great friends out to dance and party with us. The new stage in Club KARIB was awesome. It gets us over the crowd so we can see each and every one of you.

10483094_10203500631689858_1978344563739993893_oPrevious to this past weekend Singer Gary Greeno, Bassist Scott Beslile and Drummer Mike Stella were all nominated and completed their ice bucket challenge. On Friday night at the HD Campbell Barn Party at Niles Landing in West Swanton, VT Gutiarist Scott Guptill accepted his challenge(s) and completed it in front of 300+ JUSTICE fans. He now nominates Todd Dunn and the members of Nightrain.

10556871_10203500659610556_2408559656821960593_oWhat a great night we had at HD Campbell’s barn at Niles Landing in West Swanton, VT. The weather was perfect for this indoor (spilling outdoor) event. Some 450+ turned out for this epic show to celebrate a great summer of 2014. The crowds started arriving around 7PM and were near capacity at 8:30PM. There was a Lamoille County Tour bus filled with some (53) of our best and loyal fans. That was the ultimate way to have a road trip party and a DD all in one.