Jun 20 * Posted in News, Photos

Rock For Rescues II A Success

10460598_10202957989964154_5122992888254313557_oIn the second year of Rock For Rescues (a benefit for animal shelters around Franklin and Chittenden Counties) a total of $1,700 (estimated) was raised for the Franklin County Humane Society of St. Albans on June 6th at Rock For Rescues II. Thanks goes out to Scott Guptill and Rusty Posner (FCHS) for coordinating the event and securing sponsorship to help fund it. Higher Ground was the location for this years event. A fair number of people attended the show and rocked out to Stone Bullet, MindTrap and JUSTICE.

Justice league TurtleOn Friday June 13 we took a little trip over to see our neighbors in NY. Once again, the weather did not cooperate (much like last year). There was a very strong showing from the 802 side of the pond. We are grateful for such a strong following of JUSTICE Leaguer’s. Thanks to you, all the new peeps we met and the staff at the Naked Turtle the night was VERY fun!

May 31 * Posted in News, Photos

Wet and Wild at On Tap

On Tap 5-30-14Holy swamp ass Rockstars! You guys came to party hard at On Tap (Essex, Jct., VT) last night. The night which started off with a little rain made for a huge party indoors. As the temperature fell outside, it was getting insanely warm on the inside. The jackets came off, sleeves rolled up (in some cases the entire shirt) and the party was ON! The parking lot was full by round one at 9:30 and didn’t let up. Even the Essex finest had to circle the parking lot four-five times to find a place to park. With no luck, they left and the line continued to grow.

FB_TimeLine_EndorsedBand15websiteWe have been recently selected as an “Endorsed Artist” by DirtBag Clothing.

DirtBag Clothing is a San Francisco-based clothing company, founded in 1996. DirtBag manufactures various styles of clothing, including street-wear, punk clothing, urban clothing, hoodies, flex-fits, women’s tee-shirts, baby dolls, and accessories.

In celebration of our new endorsement we want to thank you, our fans by giving you 15% off you online purchase using the code from the coupon to the left. Look for some DirtBag Clothing to appear at our shows in the near future.

Last night at Club Venue in S. Burlington, we opened the show for three very talented bands. We came out and played some of our best cover material for an energetic crowd. Though the time slot was 30 minutes, we gave it our all and the JUSTICE League was there in full support. We paved the way for our new friends in Seldom Told to come out and show VT what they can bring to the table. Very strong performance and very catchy songs. Mira’s vocals were huge and spot on. The entire band was great. Thanks for sporting the JUSTICE tattoo during your performance Mira:)